Monday 27th, Special Day Honoring Bud Mishra

Bud Mishra: An “Impure” Mathematician doing (Computer) Science, Biology, and Other Things


On Monday, May 27th, there will be an afternoon dedicated to Bud Mishra, in occasion of (one of) his birthday.

We will start with an aperitif/lunch at 12:30 to continue with informal talks and presentations for the afternoon.  Bud Mishra will hold a talk before we will reconvene for dinner at the Restaurant “L’Antica Riva” in Como.

The preliminary program is the following.

2019 BBday Schedule

Note that Bud Mishra’s presentation, titled Logic in Time of Cancer will be held in the signature “SpamHaus” format.

Dinner will be at the Restaurant L’Antica Riva.

Join all the revelers in celebrating (one of) Bud’s Birthday!